So you know how the iconic short-form video hosting service Vine shut down in early 2016 and the internet has never been the same since, owing to the popular platform only gaining more recognition since then as compilations of vines began popping up on YouTube? Good stuff!

…And then came Tik Tok. Yeah. The currently popular video sharing platform which is seen by most as a replacement for Vine is perceived by the masses as “cringey” owing to the “cheap comedy” and banal lip syncing videos made by its users. Yep, it didn’t appeal to the internet half as much as the originality and fresh substance Vine provided them did.

But guess what? After much digging, we came across certain Tik Tok compilations on YouTube. Now these compilations weren’t Tik Tok Cringe Compilations, as opposed to most Tik Tok related videos on the streaming giant – rather these were clips that had been extracted from the inner, more underground parts of the popular app. The point is, these compilations showcase a more Vine – esque side of Tik Tok and don’t adhere to the norm of the kinds of videos usually posted on the platform. So, yay. Vine has been, in a way, resurrected, it seems! Not just that, but it seems Tik Tok is really stepping its game up – perhaps these compilations linked below will convince everybody that Tik Tok isn’t as bad is they thought it would be and all it takes is digging around a bit for that to happen. 🙂

Check these gourmet compilations out :

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