by: Lokevidu, 15

Jimi Hendrix, one of the most influential musicians in history.

Music is something that plays a very integral role in our lives; it influences our emotions in many ways. The solution to a lot of our mental problems is just fixing ourselves emotionally. Music has evolved quite substantially… a little too much for my liking. You see, all the industry has left for us is auto tuned singers with monotonous backing tracks, a majority of which are produced electronically. Music is less of instrumental harmony nowadays and more of try hards trying to demonstrate skills they don’t have and of course the solution to this is technology. From something as beautiful as the classical piece ‘Asturias’ or the symphonies by Beethoven, we have went to abominations of “music” being made such as ‘Gucci gang’ which is essentially that very phrase repeated 42 times in two minutes….this is what music has come to. The very essence of music has been diluted to such an extent that there are little to no traces of the actual genre it had originated from. I personally feel that we should all remember where it all started, remember the origin. Classics like ‘stairway to heaven’ and ‘California dreaming’ are the pieces of music that should be preserved and cherished as opposed to barely sober artists that have been so dumbed down that they can’t even think of lyrics to include in their works.

This brings me to my next point. Using artificial means to ‘fix’ voices of people is blatant disrespect to the actual singers who work for years on end to hone their skills. Tell me, how unfair would you feel if you put all your blood and sweat into one thing, only to have someone else do so without working as hard and making it (while still being bad)?

All in all, I do not detest the evolution of music since that has obviously given rise to new genres that were earlier unheard of, however I do oppose the unfair practices in the industry to attain fame and money even thought some else may be more deserving.

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