by: Mimangshak Jitu, 16

The 2019-20 NBA Season has been the most entertaining season of basketball in the last 5 years. Maybe even more. This is because of the wipeout of the existence of “super-teams” such as The Golden State Warriors. “Super-teams” basically means those teams which are put together by getting the best players in the league into the same team by different propagandas or by the means of money. And during the last 5 years, there were just two teams which were always on the top, i.e, The Cleveland Cavaliers and The Golden State Warriors. This was until last year when the best player of the Cavs joined the Lakers and Kawhi Leonard joined the Toronto Raptors and beat The Golden State Warriors. This caused the Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers run to stop and a new team paved its way to claim the throne. This epic event in the history of the NBA paved the way for modern and unbiased NBA to arrive. Which brings us to this season.

This season brought a great new twist to the NBA that the fans have been dying to see. Finally, the game doesn’t seem rigged in favour of GSW. This is because the team is not as overpowered as they were in the last 5 years. One of the best players of the team and one of the greatest in the league left the team to join the Brooklyn Nets after the last season and restored balance to the game. That player’s name is Kevin Durant and he was one of the main reasons why the Warriors were unstoppable. One of the greatest things that have happened this season is Anthony Davis joining the Lakers. Many people might debate on this move but as I am a die-hard Lakers fan, this move made my whole year. AD and The King playing together made the Lakers reach the 1st seed well into the first week of the season. But the main highlight of this season has been Luka Doncic. This young 20-year-old kid from Slovenia has just shaken the whole league and the fandom. This kid is crazy! He’s averaging 30.7 Point Per Game, 10.3 rebounds and 9.4 assists. These stats are beyond impressive for someone just 20 years old and whose on just their 2nd season in the league. Luka is definitely my pick for the MVP this year. Aside from Luka, James Harden is also playing really impressively. He’s averaging 39 PPG this season and is unstoppable. 

The NBA right now is more interesting to watch than ever as there is not a single team that can be said to be stronger than the rest of the league. This means that the competition level is higher than its ever been between both the players and even the fans. It feels like the NBA is at its peak right now. The only thing it is missing right now is Kevin Durant, a legendary player who’s out for the season due to injury.

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