by: Aadyaa Shukla Tiwari,17

Now that we are holed up in our homes in midst of a pandemic which poses an unforeseeable future we find ourselves going through a variety of emotions: while some of us have succumbed to tedium others are struggling with the prevailing anxiety. Thus it is high time to scour through Netflix. Here are some Netflix shows recommendations from a vast diversity of genres:

1)BIG BANG THEORY: Centred around a group of scientists living in Pasadena, California, the fact that this show spent most of its 10 season run ranked as the most viewed tv show in the states is testament to just how entertaining and humorous it is.

2)RICK AND MORTY: This animated comedy centres around a sociopathic scientist (Rick) and his wimpy grandchild(Morty) as they have intergalactic adventures.

3)BIG MOUTH: This animated show takes a humorous and modern take on puberty and teenagehood.

4)GOSSIP GIRL: It follows the lives of the elite of upper east side, Manhattan. A soap opera filled with glamour and drama, it’s perfect to take off one’s minds from the chaos.

5)SEX EDUCATION: The show is about much more than its name suggests, this British series chronicles around socially awkward high school student Otis and

6)ELITE: This Spanish show is a perfect blend of high school drama and murder mystery.

7)BLACK MIRROR: The central theme of the show is to indicate the dystopian future our heavy dependence on technology is creating. Each episode has a different character, plot and setting. Some standout episodes include: ‘Hated In The Nation’, ‘Black Museum’, ‘Play Test’, ‘White Bear’, ‘Hang the DJ’.

8)ON MY BLOCK: This show chronicles the lives of 4 long time best friends and the trials and tribulations they face living in the inner city of South Central Los Angeles. Funny, emotional and heartwarming

9)THAT 70’S SHOW: Set in the mood ring era of 1970s, this show is about a group of teenagers living in the suburbs of Wisconsin. Affable, sharp and funny this show is a must-watch for anyone who loves retro.

10)BREAKING BAD: Breaking bad is a gritty thriller of a show, an iconic series that features powerful and memorable performances from Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul in the lead roles. the show’s main focus follows the transformation of a modest high school chemistry teacher and typical family man, Walter White, who decides to sell drugs in order to support his family after he finds out he has cancer, to the power-thirsty, ferocious meth producer Heisenberg.A simple plot, yet brilliant performances to sustain the story, is arguably the best feature of this show.

11)ATYPICAL: This show follows Sam, a teenager on the autism spectrum as he tries to fit in. Heartfelt and inspiring are just a few words this show personifies.

12)SCARED GAMES: Chronicles the lives of a small-time hoodlum who goes on to become a mafioso, an upright cop and a cult leader with a grand plan that send the three and plethora of characters into a tailspin. Dark bold and slick.

14)WHEN THEY SEE US: Based on the real-life ‘Central Park 5 Case’ this is an emotional series that encapsulates the struggles of being a person of colour and the racist nature of the American legal system.

15)ARCHER: This adult animated sitcom follows the day to day exploits of a dysfunctional Intelligence Agency.

16)SHARK TANK: If entrepreneurship interests you then this is the show you should binge on.

17)SKINS: This British show starring Dev Patel and Nicholas Hoult is known for its extremely authentic representation of teen angst.

18)THE DAY I MET EL CHAPO: This docu-drama covers the controversial meeting of actors Sean Penn and Kate Del Castillo with drug lord El Chapo, it includes actual footage which just makes the entire series even more enticing.

19)UNSOLVED: This series investigates the mysterious murders of rap legends and rivals – Tupac and Biggie. If you are a hip hop fan or even interested in conspiracies this is perfect for you.

20)BROOKLYN NINE-NINE: Centred around a group of detectives working for the NYPD, this comedy never fails to entertain while earnestly upholding social correctness.

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