Fairy tales

by: Akshaya Pai, 14 Oh princess, Oh princessYour story was so wrongly toldThat made all little girls dreamOf a happily ever after when they’re old. But to live in our world,You must be a fighter.You may be written by a man,But you can still burn brighter. I promise to tellThe actual storyOf how Beauty tamed

The Anti-Terrorism Act Of 2020

by: Team GenZone and Team News Left Behind On July 3, 2020, Philippine President Rodrigo Duerte signed into law one of the most controversial acts of its time. The Anti-Terrorism Act of 2020, described by Duerte, aims to eradicate terrorism in the Philippines. However, upon looking deeper beyond the name of this new law, which

A Letter From The Forgotten

By: Sabreen Sukhija,17 and Jaanashee Punjabi,16 **Trigger Warning- Graphic Violence, Sex*al Assault ** Dear People of India, We look down from heaven every morning, the distinct memory of being crouched up in the corner of the cell, completely stripped of our skin, dignity and rights lingering in our minds. Our screams hid behind the deafening

Eurocentrism And Systemic Racism: A Tale Of Hypocrisy

By: Shreya Sudan,17 and Aadyaa Shukla Tiwari,17 Eurocentrism is a distorted ideology that presents western civilization as the pinnacle of human progress to the global south. At the core of Eurocentrism lies a binary way of thinking which constructs a white, progressive, modern, “civilized” European identity juxtaposed to an indigenous, developing, and traditional identity. The


by: Clarissa Sherine Widjaja,16 Oh dear child, Tales you were told as a young soul.  Your eyes glint with the light of a youthful fire.  Your cheeks they ache and they tire,  As the warmth of your laugh fills the room,  As you were told tales I was told when I was a young soul.

On The Verge

by: Madhav Gupta,16 As the nation stares at a possible outbreak of the coronavirus, the question of whether and how the nation will be able to cope with it arises. India was hit by the pandemic later than most countries but it was struck at the time that the virus was exploding in places such

Netflix Shows Recommendations

by: Aadyaa Shukla Tiwari,17 Now that we are holed up in our homes in midst of a pandemic which poses an unforeseeable future we find ourselves going through a variety of emotions: while some of us have succumbed to tedium others are struggling with the prevailing anxiety. Thus it is high time to scour through

The One Who Got Away

by: Sanjana Bhargava,16 When a girl gets attached She is loyal and faithful She is honest and dependable  She is trustable Most importantly she is vulnerable  She will be annoying Clingy on some days She will be jealous, insecure, a tiny bit insane But that is solely because her love for you is insane You