Founder and Editor

Aadyaa Shukla Tiwari

A 16-year-old with a zest for writing, politics and current affairs, Aadyaa started GenZone as a response to her frustration stemming from the lack of online youth-led forums. She hopes to spark dialogue and aid in the impetus of productive social change through GenZone. Her exposure to living abroad has made her a firm believer of internationalism, and a true campaigner for diversity. Social issues like racism, gender inequality are very close to her heart. Aadyaa’s hobbies other than the aforementioned include squash ( which she also plays competitively), reading conspiracy theories, watching crime documentaries, bathroom singing, travelling and babysitting.

Contributing Editor

Pia Mathur

A sixteen-year-old introvert who finds solace in the pen and paper, Pia writes and speaks about social and cultural topics with ardour. She strives to write pieces that resonate with people and has found a forum through GenZone to do the same. Her other interests include dancing, binge-watching TV shows, and listening to 80s’ rock music. She also hopes to travel the world someday and become a true global citizen.

Contributing Editor

Sabreen Sukhija

A 17-year-old Social Activist, Sabreen wishes to contribute towards good in society and stir the common mindset on issues regarding culture, religion, caste, gender and the underprivileged. She is actively involved with community service programs that give her an environment and opportunity to know about the real-life issues faced by various strata of society. She wishes to find new solutions for spreading awareness on social issues, highlighting human rights, and working towards sustainable human development.

Staff Writer

Madhav Gupta

A high school junior, Madhav is deeply passionate about politics and the natural sciences. He is also a keen debater and has regularly won prizes in debates and MUNS. He hopes to study Physics in college. He is a trained guitarist and loves listening to rock music.